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H – Health I O – Opportunity  I  I –  inspirationA – Awareness

Although HoiaMed is still young, our story actually goes back many years. Who we are today as a team has developed through years of strong collaboration and, more importantly, through the experience of working together. 

We are not just three colleagues, we know each other inside out, we know our strengths and weaknesses; we know what turns us on and what we need to take time out and have a discussion. That’s why we can combine and offer exactly the kind of skills and solutions that move companies forward in the market in the best way.

Brilliance, willingness, strength and ambition complement our outstanding wealth of experience.

Reilika Paas

Co-founder/Product manager  –  reilika@hoiamed.ee

For the last 15 years, Reilika has coordinated and led large-scale development projects that took several years. Of those years, she has spent the last 10 coordinating and leading international medical research projects. Reilika has secured over 20 million euros worth of funding for research projects, which has helped her develop her core skills from recruiting teams and participating in procurement processes to financial planning and strategic management. Reilika has collaborated with Estonian, German and Swedish research companies and universities and has a wide collaboration network of professionals, researchers and top consultants who can get involved with HoiaMed’s success story, if necessary.

Kaira Pärenson

Co-founder/Product manager  –  kaira@hoiamed.ee

Kaira has spent the last 15 years working in a variety of companies who produce and sell medical supplies and equipment. She has worked as a sales manager as well as a product and brand manager, covering areas such as ophthalmology, orthopaedics, neurology, gynaecology, cardiology, laboratory supplies/analysers and medical waste management. During the last five years, Kaira has been focusing not only on the Estonian markets but also on the Baltic, Scandinavian and Polish markets. She is no stranger to participating in international conventions, representing producers and organising thematic training events and seminars.

Britta Hansman

Product manager  – britta@hoiamed.ee

Britta has been active in the medical sector for more than 15 years. She is very comfortable selling medication as well as medical devices and equipment. Britta has filled a variety of positions from pharmaceutical representative and product and client manager to the role of sales and marketing manager, covering areas such as cardiology, gynaecology, urology, etc. Britta’s largest project consisted of establishing a pharmacy chain and its brand as well as preparing its planograms. The project closest to her heart, however, was helping stoma patients as a counsellor. Britta has been developing her sales and marketing skills in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland and Germany and is very comfortable conducting product training events.


We don’t know much about our wonderful colleagues in the medical sector or what they do or what kind of products they manage. HoiaMed is not afraid to show the face of its team: we will share our story with you – the good and the bad.

If you want to ‘head-hunt’ us, don’t be scared; come ‘hunt’ the whole team because we are open to any and all forms of cooperation or proposals in our field.

If you have an insurmountable desire for change and want to be part of the story of HoiaMed, come and talk to us – our door is always open!