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  • Market analysis overview

A market analysis is the easiest tool for positioning the company on the market while ensuring that it is competitive and reaches the necessary target groups. We are in favour of a no-nonsense market overview which can be used for making simple strategic decisions and setting realistic goals. The important keywords are industry overview, related industry-specific organisations, competing companies and products, prices and price setting. However, the most valuable is input from stakeholders, that means information from industry specialists and end consumers.

  • Technical support

In order to start selling new medical devices on a new market, the company must inform the local authorities. This means that the documentation of the medical devices new to the market must be prepared perfectly. We help you to review the documentation, labels and their translations and to submit the documents, while keeping the communication between us and the relevant institutions quick.

  • Face-to-face meetings – the most important investment

Although the home office has become the norm due to changes in society, face-to-face meetings are still the basis for building strong collaborative relationships, gaining trust and, of course, creating a professional image of the company.

We begin with mapping sales leads, after which we prepare meetings (product and other related trainings, strategical approach) and participate in them until the sales activity has a successful and measurable end result. Be it a sales transaction, contract or orders.

  • Procurement services and legal advice for public procurements

Our procurement service allows companies to participate in local procurements via the HoiaMed team who has long-term experience in doing so (since 2004). Before actually participating in a procurement, we must analyse specific procurements, carry out procurement monitoring and draw up proposals for participating in the procurement. In the case of a positive decision, the preparation of documents begins – a detailed review and analysis of procurement documents, translation of procurement documents for the company (if necessary), selection of suitable products and compliance check with the stipulated technical conditions, formalisation of procurement documents, coordination of official information exchange between the procurement organiser and the company. If necessary, we will involve legal public procurement experts.

  • Coordination of procurements

We offer a procurement coordination service whether HoiaMed represented your company in the procurement submission process or not. This means that the procurement contract is coordinated until its successful termination. We begin with reviewing the documentation of the procurement contract and tender and mapping the details, after which follows formal communication with the purchaser, organisation of product training (if necessary), coordination of movement of goods, keeping the documentation up to date and archiving it and quick and professional coordination of orders between the purchaser and the company. By fulfilling procurement contracts, the company will strengthen its position and references on the market.

  • Presenting the products on fairs/seminars

By doing that, you will have direct contact with potential customers and a wonderful opportunity to form business relationships. By participating on fairs, the company advertises itself on the market and creates an image that builds trust and interest in cooperation.  We recommend to carry out an industry-specific market analysis, after which we will map the relevant events and prepare the materials, familiarise ourselves with the products and review the materials, participate on the chosen fair and create a summary of the feedback.

  • We offer marketing activities from marketing audits, brand development and market strategies to technical implementation and management of marketing/advertising campaigns. We will assemble the best marketing activities tailored to your needs.
  • Project management 

our team has 15 years of experience in managing complex scientific projects on international level. This means that we are greatly capable of managing the entire process from mapping the idea, creating a budget and coordinating project activities to writing technical reports. Project management experience can be applied in any industry if the team is good at negotiating and making agreements, is good at planning their time and activities, can think and act strategically, has technical expertise or the ability to involve experts and the ability to quickly adapt and think outside the box when looking for solutions.


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