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Valuable for the company

  • Creating a local team and expanding the company in a new market is expensive both in terms of money and management needs, especially if the return on investment is still unknown.
  • By involving our sales service team, you will be adding strength to your existing sales and procurement department. It is possible to earn additional income without a larger initial investment and additional time.
  • The return on investment can be evaluated and strategic decisions can be made if there is a clear overview of the local market. An adequate market overview can be put together from the available written information sources, but more valuable is the information that can be obtained from the existing contact network on the market and by communicating with stakeholders.
  • You will have a team who is proficient in the local language and familiar with the working culture.
  • The sales team is sustainable – there is no risk of activities stopping, as the agreed activities are rotated between team members. In addition, it is possible to quickly involve competent people from the existing contact network.
  • The sales service team can maximise your time during busy work periods, so that all the company’s sales activities take place at the same time (e.g. if, in addition to active sales, the company participates in fixed-term procurements or there is a concurrent fair).
  • By involving sales services, the company can focus on developing its core competencies while effectively entering new markets.


Outsource the team or Distribution

  • Distributors’ portfolios include many products, which means that there is rarely time for them to fully get involved with a product and strengthen its position on the market.
  • Distributors may lack interest to sell the product actively if it is not deemed to be immediately profitable. Furthermore, the distributor may be involved with your competitors’ products at the same time.
  • Distributors are not your team members, which means that the input you will be getting may not be enough for the company to grow or make further decisions.
  • Involving a sales service team gives you the opportunity to enter the market at a more competitive price.
  • Unlike distributors, our sales service team brings the company together with potential customers and stakeholders.


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